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Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Once upon a time there lived a demon ruler called Bali. He was co arrogant and powerful that he conquered the three worlds and started ruling them. He pushed devas out of their kingdom. All the while he was very generous. He never sent any Brahmin away without giving alms. As a routine he kept aside the daily alms and distributed them amongst the Brahmins.

On the other hand devas after being driven out of their kingdom, went to Lord Vishnu for help. Vishnu assured them to get their lost kingdom back. They went away happily. Now Vishnu was in a dilemma as he could not attack his own disciple. He thought of a plan.

The next day he took the disguise of a Brahmin and reached the doors of Bali when he had already given out all the alms for the day. ON seeing the Brahmin the king said,” O, revered sir, you are a bit late. Just now I had given out the alms. ‘The Brahmin said,” Do not worry. I will come again tomorrow.” The king said,” But do not go empty handed to day. Ask for any thing.” The Brahmin replied,” Give me the area of land which I can measure by three steps.” The king asked him to measure from any where.

Now the Brahmin grew in size and measured the heaven in one step, the world in the other and said,” O, king, where shall I place my third step?” The king now understood that he was not an ordinary Brahmin. He said,” Place it on my head. But will you please show me your true identity/” The Brahmin placed the foot on his head. Then the Brahmin revealed his true identity of Vishnu. The king was very pleased and prostrated before the Lord and said,” I donor want any thing but you.” He then gave away the worldly pleasure and started to lead a life of a true austere.


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